Did you know that Arctic Spa’s saltwater system uses Dead Sea salt? Salt from the Dead Sea has scientifically proven therapeutic and healing benefits, as well as the ability to ease your stress and boost your overall health. The benefits of soaking in Dead Sea salt include reducing your fine lines and wrinkles, lessening your skin roughness, and enhancing your skin’s hydration!

Dead Sea salt comes from the evaporation of hypersaline lake water from the beautiful and historic Jordan Rift Valley region, it is minimally processed, and has trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium, all important micronutrients for your optimum health. You and your family deserve the health benefits that come from your own Arctic Saltwater Spa today.

To have a closer look and learn more, visit your Arctic Spas showroom. We are here to assist you with your purchase of the best saltwater spas built for the cold Colorado weather.