Day 1 of the Arctic Spas Seminar

by Jan 7, 2013

arcticspas seminar catamaran

After a fun evening meeting each other and enjoying a drink together in Jamaica, we awoke fresh and early the next morning to the first welcome note and  presentation by CEO Darcy Amendt.  A frank and clear message was delivered on the “state of the union” (meaing Arctic Spas the company) and the company’s aims for the future.

Darcy was followed immediately by Cheryl Lockhart from Omni Consulting who reviewed the company’s progress over the last year and provided feedback and details on how issues have been addressed.   She delivered the news that positive progress has been made on many different aspects of the business and gave everyone a description of (and encouragement about!) areas that need to be developed further, which were identified in a dealer survey last year.

Dave Andersen presented on new and exciting products from Arctic Spas for the coming year as well as improvements and changes to the current line that are important to the dealers and their clients — research and development at Arctic Spas is constantly ongoing!

Before the break, Jody Gamracy reviewed the Marketing Strategy for the coming year.  Especially important was his emphasis on  Arctic Spas’ online aims.  Afterwards, the reins were handed over to to Market Vision – Bob introduced and explained the marketing opportunities on television and radio that Arctic Spas dealers are beginning to take advantage of.

After Lunch Vern and Brent presented a new in-store offer to all the dealers to which got the room buzzing with exctiment about the possibilities this opportunity presented in a sales capacity.

Catamaran Boat

After this final session the day broke up and we all headed out on a Catamaran Boat to discuss the presentations, enjoy some Jamaican style entertainment and life on the Caribbean waves (and we chased some small yellow ducks – dont ask!)