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The Coldtub



the coldtub model

the Coldtub

The Coldtub is our first ever residential model, bringing the highest level of commercial quality to your backyard, home gym, or wherever you dream of. The most spacious individual model on the market!

The only difference between this model and our other models is this will have a Peak Ozone sanitation system instead of our Automated Dead Sea Salt sanitation system(Coldtub Pal).

Simply put it in place, fill it up with water, plug it in and set the temperature. All of our tubs plug into a Standard 110v wall outlet, fit through a Standard doorway, are filled up with a garden hose, and have temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF. Your COLDTUB™ is now ready for your own personal use.



The Icepod is our individual model which can be used in any environment, institution or home. Simply put it in place, fill it up with water, plug it in and set the temperature.

Temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF. Your ColdTub™ is now ready for your own personal use. The Icepod comes with everything a pro-trainer would want, including ColdTub™ Pal.

Tip: Get two Icepods and use one cold and one hot for contrast bath therapy.



The POLARPOOL® is our original COLDTUB™. It is designed to fit 3-5 people. It will roll through a standard doorway and plug into a standard wall outlet. Temperature ranges from 42º – 104ºF.



The Icebreaker, seems so obvious to us now. We took two Icepod PLUS’s, cut off two feet and connected them together face to face to create the world’s first and most spectacular two person hot and/or cold tub in the world.

You can simply sit and relax with a friend while enjoying a nice hot soak with your favorite beverage in this two person hot tub.

Or you and you can set it to high performance cold tub mode and help distract each other from your ColdTub™ training session which you know is going to make you feel better in a different way.

Proudly made in the USA

Plugs into a standard 110 volt 15 amp wall outlet

Fits through a standard doorway

Temperature range from 42 degrees to 104 degrees

Fills and drains with a regular garden hose

Operates wirelessly anywhere in the world you have wifi access

No plumbing or ice required

Digital control pad

3 Great Reasons To Use ColdTub™

Decreased Stress Levels

Regular COLDTUB™ use improves your body’s ability to manage stress, decreasing feelings of anxiety and creating mental toughness you can take outside the tub.

Higher Energy Levels

Cold water exposure triggers your sympathetic nervous system, instantly creating higher energy levels that allow you to snap into focus.

Improved Circulation

Cold water therapy quickly stimulates your entire body, promoting the flow of freshly oxygenated blood throughout your circulatory system.

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From our humble beginnings, ColdTub™ has grown into the worlds largest supplier of cold water therapy units.

Distributed in 36 countries with offices in Massachusetts and Midlands, England, our size, and made in America ingenuity, allows us to achieve economies of scale which make ColdTub™ an affordable option for any application.

The extremely compact size and portability make it suitable for even recreational athletes who simply want to recover rapidly from their sport so they can get back out there doing what they love, faster, healthier, and with less pain.