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NOW HIRING – Arctic Spas – Production Team Member

NOW HIRING! Exciting Career Opportunities Benefits, Bonus Plans, RRSP Plans Competitive Wages Job Title: Production Team Member Summary: Working in the production facility assembling Arctic Spa Hot Tubs. Possible Building Maintenance experience. Required Skills: Unskilled and Skilled positions available. Experience

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A hot bath has benefits similar to exercise

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Here is a good summary of recent scientific research about the effects of soaking in hot water (hot tubbing). Effects on blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight loss are revealed! T photography/ Steve Faulkner, Loughborough University Many cultures swear by

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Advantages of Salt Water Hot Tubs and Portable Spas

  The list of hot tub “hot debates” continues to grow. Portable spa and hot tub owners around the world have their own ideas about which attributes make up the best possible tub configurations. Some of the current discussions include:

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How to Winterize Your Hot Tub

  For hot tub owners in four-season climates – or one-season climates (year-round winter) – winterizing a hot tub is one of the most important processes for keeping everything in proper working order. If you properly winterize your hot tub,

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Indoor vs Outdoor Portable Hot Tubs

  Do you prefer your portable spa in the comfy confines of a controlled environment, or is the Great Outdoors even greater with a hot tub? Would you rather have a roof over your head (and your hot tub), or

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Arctic Kingdom’s Hot Tub of Choice – The Tundra Legend Select from Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas has built a reputation on the sturdiest, strongest, most climate-resistant hot tubs on the planet. Our spas and hot tubs feature go-anywhere capability, thanks to features like our patented Forever Floor and Mylovac covers. Satisfied customers all throughout

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How Much Does It Cost to Own and Maintain a Hot Tub?

What’s the Reason People Buy a Hot Tub? Hint: It’s More Than One Reason. Just a few generations ago, hot tubs and spas were considered a true luxury item, something only to be enjoyed on vacation, at a heath retreat

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Your Hot Tub’s Temperature: How Hot is Hot Enough?

What’s the temperature of your hot tub right now? Don’t worry, you don’t have to look right at this moment. (Although, if you have an Arctic Spas hot tub integrated with Spa Boy or our other online monitoring tools, you

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Timetabling a Hot Tub: How Proficient Power Management Saves on Operating Costs

Proper power management of your hot tub – a process known as “timetabling” within the hot tub & spa community – is an important factor in keeping your electricity bill and operating costs as low as possible. Thanks for advanced

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