Arctic Spas Revolutionary SDS Hydrotherapy

by May 20, 2024

sds massage seat polar white

Unparalleled Massage and Therapeutic Benefits

SDS Hydrotherapy is Arctic Spas’ cutting-edge jet technology that combats muscle pain and fatigue while drastically improving the hot tub experience for users. Six high-flow jets and one dedicated pump combine with a peak ergonomic design to create the Super Duper Seat, functioning as the pinnacle of wellness, recovery, and rejuvenation.


The Science Behind SDS Hydrotherapy

The Body

The benefits of the Super Duper Seat are well documented and explored. It’s been shown that hot water immersion could benefit strength and endurance by promoting muscular regeneration, while massage techniques can drastically speed up muscle recovery.

The Mind

The SDS seat not only helps your body, but also benefits your mind through its ability to reduce levels of Cortisol in the body. Cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone and is released when triggered by internal or external stressors. Various research suggests that a relaxing spa session can decrease cortisol levels by up to 22%.


Integrating SDS Hydrotherapy into Your Wellness Routine

Here are some ways to ensure you get the most out of your hot tub with SDS Hydrotherapy:

  1. Use your spa regularly to stimulate muscle regeneration consistently.
  2. Immediately after performing physical activity, soak in your spa while hydrating frequently to experience maximum regeneration capabilities.
  3. Use your spa after work to clear your mind, relax, and reduce overall stress from daily activities.


The Arctic Spas SDS Hydrotherapy Experience

The SDS seat incorporates all the advantages of massage and hot water temperature into the hot tub, which work together to speed up muscle recovery and boost wellness. The technology behind the Arctic Spa’s Super Duper Seat takes the traditional hot tub experience to a new level by ensuring your muscles receive the correct amount of pressure from the jets to stimulate muscle regeneration. Traditional hot tub jets are often underpowered and not placed in an ergonomic location, reducing the spa’s ability to help you recover from your day’s endeavors.

If you are looking for the peak of recovery and relaxation, look no further than Arctic Spas’ Super Duper Seat!