54. Revision Summary - Arctic Spas
1.2 Revision Summary
The table below identifies all the significant changes made to this manual through the August 2017 revision.
Revision Summary for Revision 1 – August 2017
Global Change
Revision Details
Salinity dosage levels have been revised.
Knowledge gained through research and development identified that
Spa Boy performs at its optimum with a salinity level between
2000ppm – 2500ppm
Included the entire OnSpa User Guide instructions
Added Question 15 covering Spa Boy Boost Button and revised questions 1,3,5,6,7,9,10,11 updated other questions
Updated the Spa Boy Maintenance schedule Quick Reference Card
Included the Spa Boy low ORP detected troubleshooting flowchart
NOTE: If your spa is equipped with an Onzen system you will need to refer to the Onzen Technical Guide.