54. Revision Summary - Arctic Spas
1.2 Revision Summary
The table below identifies all the significant changes made to this manual through the August 2017 revision.
Revision Summary for Revision 1 – August 2017
Global Change
Revision Details
Salinity dosage levels have been revised.
Knowledge gained through research and development identified that
Spa Boy® performs at its optimum with a salinity level between
2000ppm – 2500ppm
Included the entire OnSpa User Guide instructions
Added Question 15 covering Spa Boy® Boost Button and revised questions 1,3,5,6,7,9,10,11 updated other questions
Updated the Spa Boy® Maintenance schedule Quick Reference Card
Included the Spa Boy® low ORP detected troubleshooting flowchart
NOTE: If your spa is equipped with an Onzen system you will need to refer to the Onzen Technical Guide.