18. Spa Care and Maintenance - Arctic Spas

“Spa Care and Maintenance
Your Arctic Spa® is manufactured from the highest quality, most durable materials available. Even so, the spa care and maintenance program you develop will ultimately determine how long your spa and its individual components will last. Regular maintenance following the advice in this section will help you to protect your investment.

IMPORTANT: Before performing any maintenance on your spa, make a visual inspection of the spa to get an understanding of what condition it may be in and if anything looks out of the ordinary. If any part appears to be damaged, loose or missing, do not proceed. Contact your Factory Authorized Dealer immediately.

Draining the Water
Detergent residues and dissolved solids from bathing suits and chemicals will gradually accumulate in your spa’s water. Normally, in about three to four months the water will become difficult to balance and should be replaced. Showering without using soap prior to entering the spa or using only the rinse cycle when laundering your bathing suit will help to reduce detergent residue in the spa water. However, foam problems are more likely to be caused by a build up of organic pollutants in the spa, mostly from body oils. If you’re using your spa frequently with a high bather load the water will need to be replaced more often. Spa water gradually loses quality because of build-ups of unfilterable pollutants.

IMPORTANT: If using traditional chemicals remember to change your water every three to four months. If using Spa Boy® you can get 6 months to two years in between water changes.

To Drain Your Spa:
1. Shut off the GFCI /RCD breaker located in the sub panel or the quick
2. Locate the hose adapter and thread on to your garden hose.
3. Remove the drain plug, and thread in the adapter.
4. When the adapter is threaded all the way in the drain will automatically
open and begin draining.

Note: All Arctic Spas® models will drain through the floor drain. Equipment such as the pump(s) and heater will drain. All models will leave a small amount of water in the foot well. Any water remaining in the plumbing or equipment after draining will only need to be removed if the spa is being winterized.

4. When empty, inspect the spa shell and clean as required.
5. Close the drain valve.
6. Refill the spa BEFORE restoring power.

IMPORTANT: With reusable filters, it is necessary to rinse the filter cartridges weekly. Every month, and each time the spa is drained for cleaning, clean the cartridges in filter cleaner. (With Arctic Spas disposable filters, simply replace the cartridge whenever the spa is drained, or about every three months).”