21. LED Light Replacement - Arctic Spas

LED Light Replacement

All Arctic Spas® come equipped with two 12 volt multicolored underwater lights for night use. The Family Light Package option comes with five lights.
Should you need to change any light, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure the lighting is turned off, by checking the topside be sure the light icon is not showing.
  2. Remove the screws securing the equipment access doors; remove the doors.
  3. Locate the reflector, which is secured into the light housing. Carefully rotate the reflector counter-clockwise until it comes off the light housing.
  4. Carefully disconnect any cables (note the location of the cable(s), as the LED assembly has two sockets) and remove the light assembly from its socket or slot.
  5. Install the new LED assembly in its slot or socket, then reconnect the cables.
  6. To reinstall the underwater light, rotate the lamp assembly clockwise onto the light housing until secure.If your Ultimate Lights quit working call your closest authorized service provider.

Vacation Care Instructions
If you plan to be away from home for 7 – 14 days, follow these instructions to ensure that the water quality of your spa is maintained.

  1. Adjust pH as needed.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient sanitizer to last until you return.
  3. Shock the spa with Arctic Pure® Boost or Refresh.
  4. Lower the temperature.

Upon your return:

  1. Shock the spa with Arctic Pure® Boost or Refresh.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient sanitizer for regular use.
  3. Return the temperature to its original setting. You can use your spa once the residual sanitizer level falls within the ideal range.Note: If you will not be using your spa for more then 14 days and a neighbor, friend or an outside maintenance service is not available to check and balance the water chemistry, draining or winterizing (for winter only) the spa is recommended.

Winterizing Your Spa

If you plan to leave your spa unused for a long period of time in severely cold weather, you should drain the spa to avoid accidental freezing due to a power or equipment failure.
We recommend your local authorized dealer winterize your spa. Freezing can severely damage your spa.
Improper winterizing of your spa can void your warranty.
Aquatremor®, Aquatemor® Deluxe or WetTunes® Stereo (Optional)
With the new Eco-Pak which has both Bluetooth® connectivity. All of your music can now stream from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as any Smartphone to your spa. To activate the stereo any button on the top side controller must be pressed. Power to the stereo will automatically stop after two hours from last time any button is pressed.

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