104. Keypad Installation - Arctic Spas

Keypad installation
See the techbook for your specific keypad model for installation details and drilling temperature.

Connecting the Main keypad to the spa pack

To connect the keypad, remove the cover, then insert the in.link connector into the appropriate keypad connector (as illustrated). Route the cable through one of the molded strain relief channels on the bottom right side of the spa pack (as illustrated). Fill the remaining space with the foam gaskets supplied. Don’t forget to replace the cover and all screws (torque to 8 in.lb max [0.9N.m]).

Note: always shut power down before connecting an accessory to the in.ye

Connect the Main Keypad as indicated here.

Y series connections

Electrical Wiring for North American Models

For units for use in other than single-family dwellings, a clearly labeled emergency switch shall be provided as part of the installation. The switch shall be readily accessible to the occupants and shall be installed at least 5’(1.52M) away, adjacent to, and within sight of the unit.

This product must always be connected to a circuit protected by a ground fault interrupter.

Proper wiring of the electrical service box, GFCI and in.yt terminal block is essential!

Check your electrical code for local regulations. Only copper wire should be used, never aluminum.

Deposal of the product
The appliance (or the product) must be disposed of separately in accordance with the local waste disposal legislation in force.