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107. Using Sodium Chloride Test Strips

1.10.5 Using Sodium Chloride Test Strips.


The following steps provide guidance to help ensure sodium chloride test strips are used correctly.


Steps to Help Ensure Sodium Chloride Test Strips are Used Correctly Continued

Step 6. Sodium Chloride Adjustment

The following levels are ideal:

Minimum Maximum
2000 ppm 2500 ppm


Note: The Arctic Spas Onzen Salt Chart in this guide provides the estimated impact of adding 1⁄2 lb (225 Grams) of salt to your spa. Add or dilute water as needed.

  • If Sodium Chloride reading is greater than the maximum level, add water.
  • If Sodium Chloride reading is less than the minimum level, add salt.

Note: Once Sodium Chloride reading is in the ideal range salt concentration will only change if water is splashed or drained out and spa is replenished with water. Do not add salt unless this test confirms the level is below the ideal range.

Warranty: Use of salt other than Arctic Pure sea salt blend will damage the components and void the warranty. The Arctic Pure blend has been developed to protect Onzen components from damage and the use of alternative salt blends will be easily detected by technicians.


Steps to Stabilize Water

Step 1. Stabilize Spa Water: Once Filtration cycles and filtration duration low level settings have been programmed place the insulated cover on the spa and allow the water temperature to stabilize (approximately 16 hours). Make sure you secure the cover in place using the cover locks. Periodically check the spa water temperature. When the water temperature climbs above 85°F, (29°C) proceed to the next step.

Note: As heat impacts both Calcium and Total Alkalinity a little it is best to heat the water above 29°C (85°F) before advancing to Establishing Correct Water Chemistry.

Filter Cycle Suspension: During a Filter cycle, if an accessory (a pump, the blower, or the light) is used manually, the Filter cycle is suspended during the time that the accessories are used. Once all accessories are turned off (whether manually or by built-in timer), the Filtration cycle remains suspended for an extra 40 minutes. When a Filtration cycle is suspended the Filtration cycle icon will blink.


Steps to Help Ensure Sodium Chloride Test Strips are Used Correctly

Step 1. Take Water Sample Take a sample of water from the spa in a small cup (about 25mm / 1” full).

NOTE: Always take water samples 25-30cm (12”-18”) below the water surface.


Step 2. Place Test Strip in Water Sample Place the lower end of the strip into the water.

IMPORTANT Keep top half of strip COMPLETELY dry to get an accurate reading.


Step 3. Test Duration Period Leave strip in water for 3 – 5 minutes until yellow band at top of strip turns dark.


Step 4. Obtain Readings Obtain your reading: where top of white peak falls on the number scale. Read top of peak to the nearest 0.2 division.


Step 5. Correspond Test Result Reading Correspond the test result reading number with the numbers on the bottle.