119. Setup WiFi Connect - Arctic Spas

Setup WiFi Connect


6 – Setup the WiFi Connection.

Select SETUP WIFI CONNECTION button on the screen if this is the first time the spas been online.

6.1 – Set up a new connection

The 2020 Spa’s AP (Access Point) should automatically launch when the Spa
is first powered up.

If the Spa’s Access Point didn’t automatically come up, you can manually launch it.

To set up the Spa’s Access Point ‘AP’ press and hold the pump 3 button on the topside until the display
reads ‘AP’ then release. The AP is up when APUP is displayed on the screen.

(PLEASE NOTE: This will be the ‘BLOWER’ button if the spa hasn’t received the new topside overlay yet).

Next “APUP” will display, telling us the Spa’s Access Point is now discoverable.

On device, exit the app screen and go into settings > Wifi > MyArcticSpaAP.

The password for this connection is: 1234567890

Join the Hotspot.

 Re-open the Arctic Spa app and press CONTINUE