35. What is a Home Network Connection Through LAN Cable? - Arctic Spas
1.7 What is a Home Network Connection Through LAN Cable?
An Ethernet cable which is directly connected to the RJ45 Port on your Spas Processor Card and the other end connected to an RJ45 Port on your Home Router. Where a new power cable needs to be run from your home to your Spa, it is also a good opportunity to run an Ethernet cable to your Spa at the same time. Doing so achieves the best method of connecting your home network to your Spa.
1.8 What is myarcticspa.com?
Myarcticspa.com is a Web based after sales support system designed and built by Arctic Spas especially for Arctic Spa owners that are utilizing onSpa.
Myarcticspa.com through Web Connect allows the spa owner to log into their spa anywhere in the world where they have Internet connection, and from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or computer can monitor and adjust all major functions of the spa. Web Connect allows the user to have choice within this functionality, connect via the Cloud, WiFi or via the myarcticspa.com website.