49. Register an Arctic Spa - Arctic Spas

To register your Arctic Spa details click the Register an Arctic Spa link in the Profile and Preferences box.

You will a prompt to reflect that your spa must be connected to the Internet (Your Home Network). Click the Search button to find your spa.

The Spa Registration Confirmation pop up box will be displayed advising you to press a button on your Spas Topside Controller to confirm the spa registration.

You must go to your Spa and press any button on the Topside Controller. ‘rEG” will be displayed on the Topside Controller. When you press any button on your Spas Topside Controller “Conf” will be displayed, reflecting that your Spa is being confirmed for registration.

On the Register a Spa page you will now be able to see your Spa.

Press the Register button.

Then enter a nickname for your Spa and the Serial Number of your Spa in the Nickname and Spa Registration fields on the Register a Spa Page.

Press the Register button to complete the registration process. Your spa will now be connected to the My Arctic Spa server