51 - Settings - Arctic Spas

1.14.7 Settings

Click on this tab to access the Settings page.
From this page, you can see your spas pH and ORP readings, see if your Spa Boy® System is currently producing Sanitizer (Sanitizing) adjust the following settings of your spa:
• Filtration.
• Spa Boy®.
• Spa Boy® Status.
• Peak II Ozone or Peak 1 Ozone if your spa is equipped.
• Power Management.
• Firmware Upgrade
• Onzen

Note: The above displays will vary from spa to spa depending on the options that your spa is equipped with.

The Filtration dishoard allows you to easily adjust filtration cycles and run times.

Spa Boy® Status

If your spa is optioned with Spa Boy®, the dashboard displays:
· Your spa waters Chlorine and pH levels, which is divided into three ranges, Low Ok, High.
· Battery Status Indicator that displays Spa Boy®
Salt Cell remaining life. For this function your spas Firmware must be 3.30 or higher.
· Indication light to reflect if the Spa Boy® System is currently operating or not operating.
· Boost Button to manually activate the Spa Boy® System for 1 hour. Boost button can be activated in cases when you know you are going to have a heavy bather load.

Onzen Status
If your spa is optioned with Spa Boy® and Onzen is set to 1 in LLP the Onzen Status Screen will display your spas water actual pH and ORP readings.

My Arctic Spa: Settings
Onzen Status Screen Shot