Arctic Spas Important Customer Announcement for Hot tubs with Eco-paks

by Aug 12, 2011

Arctic Spas Important Customer Announcement

We would really appreciate it if our friends, customers and fans would share this information with as many people as possible across Facebook, twitter or any other preferred medium to ensure anyone who owns a Spa or hot tub with an Eco-pak is aware of the significance of the 4 Dashes on the display.


Arctic Spas Important Customer AnnouncementAttention All Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas Hot Tub Owners:

There have been a few cases lately where spas with Eco-paks read only “4 dashes” on the topside control.  If y

ou see 4 dashes on the display this means the processor of the spa pack has been damaged and the processor card will need to be replaced.  DO NOT enter the water as the temperature of the water is unknown.  Turn the spa off and call your local dealer or service supplier.

This is not a new phenomenum. Over the years we have replaced a number of spas where Gecko, Global , and even Balboa packs have caused over-heating spas to a point where in some instances all of the plastic fittings in the spa warp. This is one of the reasons why the safety instructions (included with every spa and in the owners manual) included the UL/CSA required warning:

“Before entering the hot tub, measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer.”

The cause of this is still being investigated but we think that it is related to transient voltage during lightning storms.   It is our intention to exceed the legislated safety requirements and add the additional safety features necessary to 100% eliminate the chance of this happening and we have begun working on that plan. This will make our spas the safest spas to own.

Proper care should be taken to make sure spas are running ok after storms, and particularly power outages.

We have added “4 dashes” to the error section of the quick reference cards (below).

Arctic Spas