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The World’s Finest Hot Tub Cover: Mylovac®

Your hot tub cover is an important investment. While other manufacturers regard a spa cover as simply a way to repel the weather, Arctic Spas takes a different approach. To us, a hot tub cover is more than just a cover. It should improve performance, retain heat, offer world-class strength and much more. This philosophy has resulted in the best hot tub covers for sale you’ll find anywhere.

Mylovac® Spa Covers

No other hot tub cover comes close to our exclusive Mylovac Walk-On spa cover. It’s in a class by itself, thanks to a relentless effort from our team of engineers, designers and technicians. The Mylovac Walk-On cover is the result of clever design, quality materials and customer feedback – we’ve listened to what’s important to Arctic Spas hot tub owners, and our Mylovac Walk-On spa cover is the outcome!

Arctic Spas standard covers are anything but “standard.” Like our entire product line – hot tubs, handrails, steps, accessories and more – our hot tub covers for sale set the standard in quality, convenience and efficient design.

Hot Tub Covers for Sale

Arctic Spas Offers Great Prices and Unmatched Quality

Premium Mylovac covers are manufactured and designed to fully complement your Arctic Spas hot tub.

Arctic Spas Mylovac hot tub covers also help eliminate moisture in the padded foam, which is essential for superior heat retention and longer-lasting performance. The Mylovac cover is the pinnacle of swim spa cover technology. The Mylovac cover:

  • Helps retain optimum heat
  • Reduces overall operation costs
  • Features an insulating baffle for added rigidity
  • Includes steel C-channels for walk-on strength
  • Holds snow, ice and more

Simply put, the Mylovac replacement hot tub cover is just a better spa cover all the way around. Better materials. A more innovative design. World-class strength. Moisture-reducing attributes. Optimal heat retention qualities. And much more.

For premium performance that surpasses every other hot tub cover on the market, the choice is easy: make it a Mylovac hot tub cover from Arctic Spas. And you can’t go wrong with one of our standard hot tub covers, too. Regardless of what kind of new or replacement hot tub cover you choose from Arctic Spas, you’ll receive a superior product from one of the most award-winning, reputable hot tub manufacturers in the world!

Many of our customers prefer to examine and test our spa covers before purchasing, and your nearest Arctic Spas authorized dealer can help you select a hot tub cover today. Feel free to take a stroll on one of our Mylovac Walk-On covers. See how our cover lifters integrate with different spa cover models. Find out which hot tub cover is the best for you. We’re here to help in any way possible. You can also call our customer service line at 800-309-1744.

When it comes to keeping your hot tub protected, Arctic Spas has you covered with our complete line of spa covers!

Arctic Spas | USA
Arctic Spas | USA