Arctic Kingdom’s Hot Tub of Choice – The Tundra Legend Select from Arctic Spas

by Feb 9, 2017

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Arctic Spas has built a reputation on the sturdiest, strongest, most climate-resistant hot tubs on the planet. Our spas and hot tubs feature go-anywhere capability, thanks to features like our patented Forever Floor and Mylovac covers.

Satisfied customers all throughout the world enjoy our hot tubs, from south of the equator to Saskatchewan. But our latest location shows just how reliable and weather-ready our hot tubs are. Much like the intrepid explorers of yesteryear, we’ve conquered the Arctic!t

Arctic Kingdom, a luxury adventure tour company, features an Arctic Spas hot tub, way up north in Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut. Iqaluit is a choice launching point for Arctic explorers, travelers and thrill-seekers, and Arctic Kingdom’s award-winning tours, safaris, cruises and other adventures provide a breathtaking glimpse into the world’s most beautiful, rugged and remote landscapes.

Located on Baffin Island in Nunavut, our hot tub brings a splash of sophisticated, civilized living to one of the world’s northernmost populated areas. Our Tundra Legend Select hot tub is perched on the edge of Frobisher Bay (63.7467° N, 68.5170° W), with sweeping views of northern Canada’s pristine Arctic panoramas.

Arctic Kingdom offers guests and explorers incredible excursions and experiences, including the greater Frobisher Bay area, Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), polar bear safaris, Soper River hikes, Auyuittuq National Park tours, snowmobile circuits and much more. And when their guests are ready to unwind after a fulfilling day in the Arctic, what better way than with an Arctic Spas hot tub?

Polar bears, sub-freezing temperatures and frigid Arctic gusts would render most other hot tubs totally inoperable and, but not the Tundra Legend Select! Arctic Spas technology not only survives this unforgivable environment, but it thrives! Our hot tub is the first satellite internet-connected Arctic Spas model, and includes Spa Boy® automation.

We’re proud to partner with Arctic Kingdom in their quest to highlight the hidden gems of the Arctic region. Our spa is the northernmost hot tub with a two way internet connection, and it performs perfectly in a region that typically has the thermometer showing sub-Celsius readings (the current temperature at Arctic Kingdom is -3° C.

Our portable spa at Arctic Kingdom proves that frail hot tubs just won’t cut in in the Arctic. To make it way up north, you need a hot tub that’s stout. Sturdy. Flawless. Fierce. And fearless. The Arctic environment requires the toughest, most reliable equipment available, whether it’s hiking gear or a hot tub. For Arctic Kingdom, the Tundra Legend Select was an easy choice. And if our hot tubs can make it up there, just imagine how well they’ll do in your local climate!

Thanks again to Arctic Kingdom for making us part of their amazing establishment! To learn more about our complete line of hot tubs, browse our latest brochure, check out our hot tub accessories, or visit your nearest Arctic Spas store.