Advantages of Salt Water Hot Tubs and Portable Spas

by Mar 2, 2017


Top view of a hot tub in winter with 6 person insideThe list of hot tub “hot debates” continues to grow. Portable spa and hot tub owners around the world have their own ideas about which attributes make up the best possible tub configurations.

Some of the current discussions include:

  • Indoor vs outdoor – probably the most common dispute between hot tub owners, and one thatArctic Spas customers don’t have to pick a side! Every Arctic Spas hot tub is made to perform inside or in the Great Outdoors!
  • Timetabling vs “live and let live” – if you like getting the absolute best value for your energy buck, “timetabling” a hot tub can optimize electricity usage, but it also takes some extra effort.
  • Connected controls vs old-fashioned console monitoring – technology is a wonderful thing, as evidenced by Arctic Spas’ exclusive OnSpa® connectivity, yet some holdouts still swear by the time-tested methods on in-person, always-present hot tub maintenance. Again, either way works with an Arctic Spas hot tub!

It’s time to add another lively debate to the list:

Salt water hot tubs vs regular water hot tubs. Unlike the other arguments, this one has some ancient roots. Let’s look at why salt water hot tubs are prized for their therapeutic effects, and also compare a few key differences between salt water and typical fresh water spas and hot tubs.

The Salt Water Life: Ancient Roots, Interesting Background

Modern medicine owes a big debt to Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived nearly 2,500 years ago. Hippocrates was the first “doctor” to recommend salt water therapy for a variety of ailments.

Hippocrates set in motion a new form of therapeutic treatment that ultimately became known as hydrotherapy.

After the Greeks introduced the hydrotherapy, the Romans, Egyptians and other ancient civilizations expanded on the concept. They didn’t know it yet – modern science had yet to confirm some of the revitalizing benefits of salt water baths – but instinctively, our forefathers from thousands of years ago knew a good thing when they had it! Salt water baths were originally an indulgence for the wealthy, yet over time common citizens began to enjoy salt water hydrotherapy, too.

So what specific benefits did the salt water baths of yesteryear offer? And do they continue to this day?

The Advantages of Salt Water Hot Tubs

Most hot tubs and spas in use today use regular water – tap water, spring water and mineral water are the most common – but salt water tubs are becoming more popular. While hydrotherapy is gaining acceptance as an established medical practices, salt water hydrotherapy brings additional benefits:

  • Skin-softening appeal. Unlike fresh water tubs, salt water contains a unique combination of minerals and enzymes that help soften the skin. This also helps salt water’s natural buoyancy, which salt water tub owners prefer over regular fresh water spas and tubs.
  • Enhanced hydrotherapy. A salt water soak has all the benefits of a regular freshwater hot tub or spa session, with an added bonus: salt water helps extract extra fluid from the skin, which helps with swollen joints and inflammation. People who suffer from arthritis can experience greater relief in a salt water hot tub.
  • Less chlorine use. A key difference between salt water and fresh water tubs deals with the cleaning process. While fresh water spas require chlorine directly added to the water, salt water tubs continuously generate internal chlorine and cleaning agents through a process called electrolysis.

Arctic Spas has perfected the salt water hot tub with our Onzen™ Salt Water System. This system uses naturally sourced Dead Sea salts, so the sanitizer is created (rather than added to the water). The Onzen™ system:

  • Reduces overall operating costs.
  • Helps create optimal water salinity.
  • Maintains water that is safer for the eyes and skin.
  • Promotes self-maintaining water management, which means less worry and hassle for you!

Our Onzen™ Salt Water System is rooted in ancient hydrotherapy practices, yet also includes the most recent technological breakthroughs for smart, safe, straightforward salt water spa maintenance.

The hot tub experts atArctic Spas can help you determine is a salt water spa with Onzen™ technology is right for you.

To find out more, simply stop by an Arctic Spas retailer today.

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