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Customer Letters

Bill & Robin

Dear Arctic Spas,

We recently purchased an Arctic Ocean through a Blue Falls factory representative. We wanted to share with you our experiences in the hopes that you will appreciate his efforts as much as we do.

From our first contact via email, he demonstrated an obvious grasp of all information related to an Arctic Ocean. Your representative knows his product well and knows where to get information within the Blue Falls company structure. Our training in the accounting, finance, and legal fields focuses our attention on details and he demonstrated patience with us as we probably required answers to more questions than most potential clients. ALL of our questions and inquiries were answered satisfactorily, from potential utility costs and dealer interface to warranty processes and electrical issues. Ninety-five percent of our communication was done via email and generated no misunderstandings or misinformation in the sales process. That is atypical in our experience as most written business communication can easily omit the transmission of complete and correct information (as opposed to 95% verbal communication).

We did eventually speak a few times and he conducted himself in a well-educated, professional manner and always prepared for the agenda. To clinch the sale, he emailed us photos of how the Arctic swim spa was different from others we were considering; very effective. After we closed the deal Dave sent us pictures of our swim spa during the manufacturing process; very informative.

All through the sales, purchase, and installation process your representative kept us informed and helped us navigate through some delicate dealer issues. We have never felt abandoned after the sale.  He made an international sale and logistically difficult process relatively easy, and if anything was overlooked, it was put right. Your representative’s verisimilitude is quite refreshing and appreciated in a world of cut-throat tactics and sales puffery.

In closing, the actual experience of using and maintaining the Ocean is as it was portrayed.  We are very satisfied with our purchase to date and use and enjoy it even more than we anticipated. He is the perfect “face” for Blue Falls Manufacturing, the kind of first impression a client wants to remember rather than forget. Thank you.


Jeff & Debi


We received our first electric bill since you installed our Arctic Spa…it shows last year KWH/day at 114 and this year KWH/day at 114.  Identical!  The weather also averaged 5 degrees colder than last year so must not have been too much of a factor. Thanks for your help!

Arlene & Ed

I just called this morning about a leak in my hot tub and four hours later it was all repaired. From my first contact with the receptionist, Jackie, to the service manager, Matt, and then your technician everyone was very professional and helpful to my needs…

… Thank you for your great service. I will highly recommend Energy Smart (Lethbridge, Alberta) to everyone.

Brendan P.

Hi Rudy,

I always like to mention to a business when their staff are doing a great job.  I have been very impressed with my Arctic spa service (from your dealer Energy Smart). Initial delivery and setup by Klaus and his helper was professional, and they arrived when they said they would.  Later when I stopped by the store with questions Klaus was very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to.I did have some initial problems with the tub, but Matt promptly set up a service call, and again came when he said he would.  He also was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  When I had a second problem, he penciled it in on the way back from another service call and soon had the tub running.  I know the guys were very busy at the time.  Jackie is always friendly at the front desk and you also are very personable.  So far it has been a great experience to do business with you and your gang.

Keep it up!

Doug W.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the above excellent service and satisfaction I received from arctic spa Kamloops when I purchased a salt system for my arctic spa. Randy and Carlene and their team of experts are the most professional individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to deal with. They had all the right answers and were very quick to supply you with the service required. It was indeed a pleasure to deal with them. I purchased my first spa and one for my daughter from your company  when you were at KOKO BEACH and building them in Sherwood Park. My hat is off to Randy and Carlene. Please ensure this message reaches Darcy.
Thank You,

Troy K.

We bought a hot tub in March of 2006 from DeVaders Pools & Spas. The Arctic Spa was a little higher than the others, but well worth it. It is well insulated, you will save much more in electricity than the difference in purchase price. We have had only minor problem, and when we did, Waylon and Ed took care of us right way. A very professional business. I would recommend to them to anyone.


It’s refreshing to find someone with integrity trying to make sure that consumers are not having problems & are getting what they believe they have purchased, and working to make their company a leader in making a good product at a fair price while still looking at new and innovative ways and parts to help consumers keep the cost of operation to a minimum. We made the decision to buy the Arctic Cub Ultra that was on the floor at DeVader’s Pools & Spas, Inc. in Topeka, Kansas on Wednesday May 31st at 5:30 pm. We spent one weekend in May wet testing several spas trying to find the spa that would work for us as I wanted to purchase one for my husband’s 50th birthday and because we have been working on a particularly back-straining job as of late. The Arctic Fox was the right dimension for our deck, but the lounger was not long enough for my husband and did not have the water jets in the legs. We found that we had to have the leg jets in the lounger, and decided that the Cub was the best fit for us! We looked at other brands that compared to the Cub in size, but we just couldn’t find one that compared to the quality of the Arctic. Also, the other spas didn’t have as many water jets in the leg area and we weren’t able to wet test some of the spas. DeVader’s filled up two different spas for us to wet test, and we didn’t even have to ask, it was offered! Some places we talked to said that back of the leg jets in the lounger are not needed, but I beg to differ!

We spoke to a few people that the salesman, Ed Lenherr, had given us their names and phone numbers to talk to. The three individuals we called had had their Arctic spa for 3-4 years, and only one had had any problem that was remedied quickly by DeVader’s. The Cub was delivered on June 9th after we modified our deck and we have enjoyed it ever since. We have been happy with the service that DeVader’s has given us so far and I don’t see any reason that will change. We live approximately 55 miles from Topeka, but Richard and Cindy that installed it, and who have been very helpful, have a son that lives in Manhattan we are located near and have dropped off things for us. It seems there are more people in our town who have just recently bought Arctic Spas so I’m sure DeVader’s will be servicing all of us well.

Mr. & Mrs Elliott – Manhattan, KS

Thank you for your continuing service to stain and seal our spa, and also to repair the small leak we developed. The follow-up service you promised when we purchased is really appreciated. We’re proud to recommend your company to others!

Ron Ediger and Family

In July we began looking for our family’s first hot tub. I started in Topeka and even checked out some companies in the Kansas City area. It was all rather confusing until several friends pointed me in the direction of DeVaders Pools and Spas.

From the moment I first spoke to Ed Lenherr on the phone he made sense out of all of the confusion. I stopped by the showroom and Ed showed me all the options in jetting, colour, size, models and water maintenance. He took the time to answer all of my questions. I knew from the start that he was interested in finding the perfect tub for my family. He asked many questions and helped me settle on the Arctic Spa Tundra.

I was scheduled to have my spa installed in late September (one month ahead of my original request), when I found out my wife wanted to have a party a few days before the installation date. I spoke with Ed and he was able to have the spa installed and ready for action the day of the party!

It’s clear that Arctic Spa makes one of the best products on the market. You can research the hardware on the internet and Arctic always sits among the top in quality of craftsmanship, features, efficiency and durability. All of these things were very important to my family.

But, it’s the employees and owners at DeVaders that puts them in a league of their own. Their total commitment to serving the customer and exceeding all expectations is their way of doing business. They have built their reputation on combining a very good product with exceptional customer care.

One question I asked myself as I was soaking in my new tub last night was….”Would I send my Mom to DeVaders if she were in the market for a tub?”

The answer, “In a heartbeat!”


Ron Ediger and Family

Patty Murdock

I recently purchased my summit ultra hot tub in march of 2009, after researching the different brands on the internet. I knew when I read about the arctic spa that it was the hot tub for me. It is everything you could ask for in a hot tub. The arctic hot tub has the quality, build, low maintenance and wonderful massaging jets. I love it, it is so relaxing, and destressing. Thank you.

Purchased from Ray’s Arctic Spas of Johnstown pennsylvania


One of the few New Year’s resolutions I’ve kept was a vow about 10 years ago to tell people and companies when I was satisfied. I made this resolution when I was doing a lot of business traveling, and found myself complaining all the time. It’s an easy thing to do when you’re spending a lot of time on airplanes, but it dawned on me that people don’t live by being kicked in the rear end all the time so I decided to try to even the score by letting people know when I was happy.

I’m as happy as can be with ArcticSpas. I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about getting a hot tub to begin with, but did it for someone else in my household. The very first time I used the Arctic Spa, I became a convert. Wow! I’ve never felt so relaxed. Words can’t really convey just how comfortable it is, and everything works as advertised. A half hour in that spa, and I feel like a wet, happy dishrag.

Arctic’s installation was great. The people were friendly, competent and on-time, and the follow-up was superb. I’m a born complainer, but I just couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Jim & Heather Kirko

We purchased our Hot Tub from Sunset Bay Leisure Co. here in Regina, Sask 2 years ago. I just wanted to write to you to tell you what a pleasure it is dealing with Mike Patterson and his staff. It doesn’t matter what the question or problem you have they bend over backwards to accommodate you and help you no matter what. It is so nice in this day and age to find these kind of people. I would not hesitate to recommend buying a Hot Tub from their Company.

We also feel that your Hot Tubs are of the highest quality and we look forward to many more years of relaxation and fun with our grandchildren and other family and friends in the Hot Tub.

Thanks again and keep up the great customer service and high quality Hot Tubs.

George Neubert

The recent weather with its severe cold and then the now famous Berks County sleet storm, brought to mind a sales pitch you made to Barbara and [me] just about a year ago. At the time we suspected that perhaps some of the facts offered must have been just a bit overstated. But we bought the spa anyway. Now a year after the purchase we find that the statements you made were actually understated.

The events of these past few weeks have proved that Arctic Spas must be the leaders in the industry. This realization started when we received our electric bill for a time frame that featured some of the coldest weather in years. An $8.00 per month increase was hard to believe when we learned the size of the increases others had received. Arctic Spa is built for cold weather —- no doubt about it. This past weekend was the real test. The enclosed photos show our spa after we started the removal of an ice fall that would surely have ruined any other spa cover on the market. Hundred of pounds of frozen sleet fell from the second floor roof, some 26′ above the spa, landing on the Cast Core Cover. As I began to remove the large chunks of frozen sleet and found out how heavy they were, I thought I would find a badly damaged spa and cover underneath them. After all it had broken the vinyl siding, torn a flower box and shelf from the window and smashed a wrought iron table adjacent to the spa. Some of the chunks were difficult for one person to lift. The debris between the house and spa is 24″ deep.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was not even a hint of compression damage, not a mark or a blemish. Barbara was convinced that damage would show up on the shell or outer structure, but soon agreed that it was remarkable that this hadn’t happened and after a few hours of moving ice and snow we were back in our spa. Arctic Spas are not the least expensive ones in the market place but I would challenge anyone to find a better one.

Joanne W.

Dear Arctic Spas:

Everything about buying an Arctic Spa has been easy and pleasant. Jordan and all his staff [in Edmonton] have been very helpful and patient with all our questions and teaching us to maintain the spa.

We purchased our Arctic Spa in 2005, something I wish we had done years ago. My husband retired five years ago from the military for medical reasons. The spa has been of much relief to him; his pain and anti-inflammatory medications have been cut by more than half and the migraines associated with his back pain have disappeared since the spa was installed three months ago. The rest of the family has also benefited from the spa. Our oldest son is an auto body tech, daughter is a landscaper and the youngest learned to snowboard this year. I work in the retail industry, standing on concrete floors all day long. So sore and tense muscles are no strangers around here. Between the five of us, someone is in the hot tub at least 2 to 2-1/2 hours per day. Using the tub every evening has quickly become a family event. Relaxation, communication, and even an amateur interest in astronomy all happen in our hot tub.

Lorna Fraser, our sales rep, was fantastic. Her knowledge of the spa and her explanation of all the operations of the spa were excellent. She helped us arrange financing and everything was just so easy with her assistance. Installation could not have gone smoother even though the back yard is not 100% complete. We did request one service call because two of the diverter controls were very stiff to turn. That was on a Friday night and the girl in the showroom said that someone would call to arrange an appointment on Monday. Monday when we got home I was expecting a message on the answering machine, but instead we found a card in the door–the service guy had already been and fixed the problem.

I am sure that at some point all our friends will be sick of listening to all our praises about Arctic Spas and the staff at the Edmonton showroom but by then they will all have one too!

Matt and Kerry Turner

To whom it may concern;

We would like to let Arctic Spas know how much my husband and I truly enjoy our new Arctic Summit Spa that we purchased December of 2006.

First, you should know, we did not really know that this brand even existed . However, we were out shopping when we saw the Tacoma store and thought we would check them out.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by 2 sales associates. They welcomed us to the store and asked if they could help us find what we were looking for? That is when Becky started to show us the the variety of models that were on the showroom floor. She was very helpful in answering a battery of questions that we had for her. We had been thinking about getting a new spa for quite some time, although we had never found quite what we were looking for. Becky was so helpful in pointing out all the little things we did not notice. All the spas had something unique to offer. When we let her know that we drove big trucks for a living, she was quick to ask what our biggest concerns “aka-PAINS” were, so she could help meet the needs of our bodies with the massage therapy that the Spa Jets had to offer. Oh, and how we love the “HAND/WRIST’ jets. That is the first time we had ever seen a spa with those little gems… love them!

After we had put Becky through the wringer for the last hour and a half, we had decided on a spa. And because Becky was not like a car salesman, and did not ask us what we were looking to spend when we walked through the door, we were caught a little off guard when she told us the price of the spa we were so excited about. Becky was quick to explain the reasons backing the difference in a Arctic Spa to the generic everyday “fair special’s” that we had been looking at for the last six months. That is when we were truly convinced why this spa was a better purchase. Besides the fact that the POWER of the jets in our Arctic Summit Spa are fantastic. (Now I do not have to spend hours giving my husband back and shoulder rubs any more!)

On another note, it was nice to see spas offered just as spas. We did see a lot of different manufacturers through our research who offered stereo systems, TV’s and other frills, but to get the spa that we wanted, with just A LOT of jets, was actually hard to find.

Becky was very helpful and knowledgeable of all the spas and their intricacies, but more importantly, never, ever gave up on our endless back and forth decisions/questions about the spas. She was genuinely interested in helping us find what WE needed.

We have since had friends over to enjoy our new spa, and they were surprised also, at how many jets we had, and how they were positioned so differently from others they had seen. The “jet position” really does give you that “Massage Therapy” feel. I am sure you will be seeing some of them in the future too.

Thank you for the long awaited and so needed addition to our home.

Martin & Barbara Sutherland

We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with our Arctic spa. We purchased a Yukon (Elite Series) model from Splash Pools & Spas in the summer of 2002 and took delivery in September. We are frequent users of our spa and use it even in the coldest weather.

Before buying, we did extensive research on spas and wet-tested several competitors’ products; however, it took us very little time to realize that buying an Arctic spa from Splash was the right decision – and one that we have never regretted.

From our very first visit to Splash and our contact with Trish, to the sales visit by Jeff, delivery by the crew, and after-sales service by Mike, we have dealt with some of the most pleasant, honest and dependable people with whom we have ever had the fortune to do business. For us, the product represents only half of the buying experience. The people who influence and support the purchase (sales and service) are just as important – especially when it involves such a significant investment.

We often relate our positive experience to friends and neighbours and would not hesitate to recommend Arctic or Splash Pools & Spas to prospective spa buyers.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mark Schubert

I wanted to write and express my appreciation to you for our great experience with our purchase of an Arctic Spa.

When shopping for a spa for our new Colorado Springs home, I visited your showroom. There was a distinctive difference in the quality of your product and professionalism of your staff. This convinced us to purchase our Arctic Spa. We have owned several different spas in the past, and have never been as pleased as we are with your product.

In the past, we have always had problems with hoses, mechanics and maintenance of our previous spas, along with temperature control problems and heat loss. Our Arctic Spa has kept the water warm at a very reasonable cost, much to my surprise, even in the dead of winter.

Your personal and professional care in the delivery and installation of our spa was outstanding. You have been terrific with any follow up questions concerning water sanitation and maintenance. While there have been very infrequent repairs, you have responded our requests quickly, always within 24 hours.

Thanks for offering such a great product and terrific service. Our Arctic Spa has been worth every penny!

Richard Rozario

Although this should have been done a month ago, I figure it is never too late and I hope this gets back to the service providers. I want to thank you for your speedy response to our request to have our Arctic Spa repaired. When I placed the call on Dec 21 a Friday I was informed that given the time of day and Sunday coming and Monday being Christmas Eve it would not be very likely that I could have my spa fixed for Christmas. Much to my surprise you squeezed our service call in and we were in our tub Christmas evening with our guests from New York. Thank you very very much. What a great Christmas surprise.

John Hanko

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy I am with the recent Arctic Tundra Tub I purchased and had installed. The tub is nothing short of awesome and I’m so pleased that I had decided to purchase an Arctic Spa…please feel free to use me as a reference in the future!

Mark and Diane Beall

I have owned my Legend Extreme since April and have nothing but great things to say about it. No other tub comes close to the power of the jets and I tied a few before I chose Arctic. Every time I get in, I cant help but think of money well spent. The good folks at Pools Plus in New Bern NC went out of their way to make sure we were happy.

Tammy & Bruce Himsl

We have the fox hot tub now for 3 years and it has been the best money we have ever spent . Me and my husband love it could not live without it