A Hand of Cards, a Game of Checkers – Fun in the Hot Tub

by Feb 8, 2012

hot tub games checkers

The hot tub is more than a water feature in the back yard. It is a place to gather with family and friends, a place to relax and enjoy each others company and to disconnect from the world, if only for a few minutes. Creating a fun and safe environment for family hot tub parties or for an evening of fun with the adults means adding in spa game accessories.


Who Plays Cards in the Pool? You Do!

Card games are a popular way to relax with family or friends. From Old Maid with the kids to Rummy with the adults, there are literally hundreds of card games to choose from. The only problem is that playing cards and hot tubs don’t really go together – or do they? A deck of waterproof playing cards makes it possible to play card games while enjoying the warm environment of the hot tub. Add in a spa caddy or side table to hold the cards and take spa entertaining to the next level.

Chess, Checkers, Drinks — Anyone?

You can do more than sit in the tub and enjoy the feeling. If playing cards isn’t your thing, move on up in the world to chess or checkers. A floating game table with a checkerboard and pieces is perfect for engaging in a bit of mental stimulation while in the hot tub. As an added bonus, the tray can hold drink cups when not in use as a chess or checkerboard. Use the floating table and waterproof cards together to turn any home spa into a total game experience.

Duck, Duck, Radio

Even hot tubs need a little bit extra sometimes. Consider adding in some music with a floating duck radio. While any radio will do, what could be more fun that a cute yellow duck floating in the tub and ‘singing?’ While the radio may be fun for adults, add in some wind up swim toys like a whale, seahorse, or fish to help keep the kids entertained.

Having fun in the hot tub is easy with spa game accessories, just remember to implement basic water safety, too. After that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a hand of poker, race the wind up toys, or just enjoy some music.