5 Strange and Unexpected Places to Put a Hot Tub

by Nov 11, 2011

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Planning where to install your hot tub can be a tough decision. Some people think the best place for them is outside in the fresh air, while others think the perfect place is inside where they can enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Then, there are those who think the sky’s the limit. Literally. Check out these five strange and unexpected places these people have installed a hot tub.

Next to the Water

The sound of water rushing in a creek or crashing against the shore can be extremely relaxing. So, why not add that sound to your hot tub experience? Some luxury hotels and resorts have done just that. And look at the view!

Hot Tub By the Water

(Photo Courtesy of Bella Vista on the Guadalupe)

Hot Tub By the Lake

(Photo Courtesy of Home Away)

Hot Tub by River

(Photo Courtesy of Backyard Design Ideas)

Make Use of the Roof

While it may take some work, and a few consultations with your favourite building experts, you can enjoy your hot tub from your roof.

Why bother? You’ll get a clear view of the sky and your surroundings, privacy, and the ability to ‘get away from it all’, without having to go too far.

Hot Tub On the Roof

(Photo Courtesy of Ross LaRocco)

Hide Your Hot Tub in the Forest

Many of us love escaping to the forest where we can hide among the trees, enjoy the peace and quiet, and take in everything nature has to offer. Normally, we enjoy all this while hiking or sitting in our lawn chairs, but what if you could enjoy it all from a hot tub?

PoolandSpa.tv host Dan Harrison found a hot tub owner who did just that, and what a great spot to have a hot tub!

Hang the Tub From a Bridge

If bungee jumping or cliff diving is your thing, this next location may be the ideal spot. The tub was suspended from the 600-foot high Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland. And if you wanted to take a dip you had to be lowered into the tub. Fun, right? You can read more about it on Jaccuzzi.ch and There, I Fixed It.

Hot Tub From Bridge

Put It on a Mountain Top

Mountains offer some of the most breath-taking views on the planet, so how about enjoying that view from your hot tub? No, it’s not a view of the mountains. It’s a view from the mountain.

In 2007, the people who hung a hot tub from the freakishly high bridge mentioned earlier decided to take their ‘extreme jaccuzzing’ to a whole new level. They climbed 15,771 feet and installed a hot tub on the top of Mount Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. Want to know more? You can read all about their adventures on their blog.

Hot Tub On Mount Blanc

Where’s the strangest or most interesting place you’ve seen a hot tub? And if you could install your hot tub anywhere in the world, where would you put it?