5 Animals that Love Hot Tubs

by Nov 11, 2016


Arctic Spas creates world-class hot tubs – for people. We specialize in creating a relaxing, rejuvenating environment, even in harsh winter climates.

But don’t think for a minute that we’re the only species lucky enough to de-stress and decompress in a hot tub. Living out there in the wild can be a stressful experience. Consequently, there are many different animals that also enjoy a soothing soak! And why should we humans have all the fun, anyway?

Here are a handful of animals that love hot tubs.


Japanese Macaques – Primates out for Pleasure

The Japanese Macaques, also called the “snow monkey,” is a primate native to Japan’s mountainous regions. Near Nagano, at the Jigokudani Monkey Park, macaques make an annual winter pilgrimage to area hot springs, soothing in the warm, rejuvenating water.


Even Rodents Need Relaxation: Introducing the Capybara

Macaques aren’t the only Japanese animal that seeks soothing warm water. At the Saitama Children’s Zoo in Tokyo, the Capybara, an over-sized rodent, spends most of its time in a warm man-made spring complete with citrus-infused water. Not all rats are known for inhabiting the New York City sewage system!


Horses in Hot Springs? Only in Japan

Let’s stay in the land of the rising sun for yet another warm water-loving animal. The Fukushima Race Course has an entire staff dedicated to caring for horses. One unorthodox treatment is natural hot springs, which are thought to soothe post-race aches and pains.


Leroy the Hot Tubbing Calf

Sometimes, a hot tub experience can actually be a life-saving experience. One Indiana farmer came across a newborn calf last winter, and the animal’s body temperature was dangerously low. Only one thing to do: into the hot tub! The farmer’s quick thinking saved the calf, named Leroy, who was eventually reunited with its mother!


Canine Contentment – Everyone Loves a Dog in a Hot Tub

Check out Cuzzie, one of the most popular dogs on YouTube. This hot tub-loving dog can’t get enough of those water jets, and lets everyone know just how happy he is! The dog days of summer never felt so good!