Do I need to pour a concrete pad?

Most spas on the market today do not have a full support floor on them and do require a slab to be poured. Many warranties will be voided if your spa does not have this support beneath. All Arctic Spas have full support floors. The tubs come standard with a pressure treated pedestal floor which allows you the luxury of using sidewalk blocks or patio stones as well as an existing patio etc. There is also an optional “Forever Floor®” available on an Arctic Spa. This floor is constructed of high pressure stamped fibreglass and gives you the option of placing the hot tub on the grass or level section of your yard.

Here’s the thing, many people do not stay in the same home for 10-20 years. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably purchased a mid to high end spa and will take it with you, when or if you move. Be prepared to explain to the prospective buyer of your home why there’s a 8′x 8′ concrete slab in your backyard! Something else to think about, maybe you’re not moving and you do stay in the same home for decades, what if you want to move the tub to a different location? What if your yard has matured and maybe adding a new deck, a fish pond, a tree; well, you can see where this is going. If you’d like to move your Arctic Spa, move it!

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