What is the safest way to remove snow from my hot tub cover?

The cover of an Arctic Spa is tough and durable marine grade vinyl, but even so, we don’t recommend using a snow shovel with a metal edge. Any of the following should be fine:

  • An ordinary push-broom (preferably a clean one with no mud or pebbles embedded in the bristles from sweeping the driveway)
  • A plastic snow shovel. Some owners report that a child’s light plastic shovel works well
  • A rubber squeegee designed for windows or shop floors – or a specialty product such as the One Sweep
  • Many of the snow-removal products recommended for autos work fine for your hot tub cover. Some dealers may carry a product such as the Sno-Brum or the snow rake designed for this purpose.

Probably the most convenient way to keep snow off your hot tub is to cover it with a beautiful Arctic Gazebo as shown here or in our photo album.


  1. Arctic Spas neither endorses nor recommends the products mentioned. These products are listed for information only.
  2. Damage from snow removal, using these or any other methods, is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.
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