Why is my water all foamy, and what can I do about it?

Occasional foaming may be caused by

  • detergents brought in on swimsuits
  • body products such as skin creams, hair conditioners, and so on
  • heavy bather loads

However, persistent foaming may be a sign of low sanitizer levels, so it is important that you check your water balance whenever foaming occurs.

If you are using regular pleated filters, a squirt of Arctic Pure Foam Dissolve will do the trick. Use this only when needed, as overuse of anti-foam products can cause cloudy water. Shake the bottle well, turn on the filter and blower (if you have one) to circulate the water, and squirt a small amount of Foam Dissolve onto the foamy area.

IF YOU ARE USING AN ARCTIC PURE DISPOSABLE FILTER or a similar product, do not use an anti-foam product. Be sure your sanitizer levels are balanced, shock with Arctic Pure™ Refresh, and allow the filter to remove the cause of the foam.

Tips for avoiding foam:

The following suggestions have been taken from internet forums and are not officially endorsed by Arctic Spas®.

  1. Follow a careful water maintenance program (okay, we’ll endorse that one!)
  2. If your location and sensitivities permit, go au naturel
  3. Offer to rinse and dry your guests’ swimsuits before they put them on to enter the spa.
  4. Encourage guests to shower, suit and all, before entering the spa.
  5. Buy a few extra swimsuits when they’re on sale in the fall, and keep them on hand for your guests. Rinse them twice in hot water after use (no detergent).
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