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We have hundreds of used hot tubs, trade-ins, and reconditioned hot tubs for sale starting as low as $1000.

If you are looking for a great deal, are willing to accept limited warranty coverage, or want to get a larger hot tub for less money, then a used hot tub could be right for you. If you are not sure, consider some of our less expensive new hot tub models. Not all used hot tubs are the same and only a select few have a warranty, so make sure you are getting a certified used hot tub by Arctic Spas.

Do you want to trade in your old hot tub? Click here to get a quote on its trade in value.

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Used Hot Tubs From A Hot Tub Store – Why?

There are literally thousands of used spas and hot tubs traded in every year. Where do they go? Many go to landfills because dealerships make more money selling new hot tubs. At Arctic Spas we know recycling used spas can be profitable and less wasteful. Ask your local dealer about our used hot tubs program, or request a phone call directly from a specialist right now using the form at the bottom of this page.

Here is a typical example of a used hot tub that is sold every day at one of the 300+ Arctic Spas dealerships around the world. The cabinet has been repaired, sanded, and stained. The cover was replaced with a new one, all of the equipment has been repaired and tested, and a 1-year warranty applied.

This one sold for only $3200!

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Arctic brand used spas are easier to service

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Hundreds of used hot tubs like this for sale


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Used hot tubs by Arctic Spas last longer

Refurbished Hot Tubs – What Does That Mean?

Refurbished hot tubs are used hot tubs that have been repaired, retested and given a limited warranty. Most of the 300+ Arctic Spas dealerships around the world offer refurbished hot tubs. Buying a used hot tub privately without a warranty is very risky, buying from an Authorized Arctic Spas dealer eliminates that risk.

Used Hot Tubs for Sale

To find out the current stock of used hot tubs for sale simply contact one of the 300+ Arctic Spas dealerships using our dealer locator tool or request a phone call direct from a specialist using the form below.

Most of the used hot tubs we offer are Arctic Spas brand or Coyote Spas brand.

Learn more about the Arctic Spas brand, browse our new hot tubs, or get our contact details here.

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