Hot Tub Pumps, Spa Pump Maintenance and Repair

The terminology for hot tub motors and pumps can be confusing. To clarify, each hot tub “pump” consists of a motor and a pump component. The pump is the part containing the impeller and includes the water input and outputs. The motor is the

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Hot Tub Deck

Getting ready for a new hot tub? Trying to plan to put it in a deck or get that in ground hot tub look? When building a deck for your new hot tub, there are a few important things to

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Hot Tub Installation

How To Wire A Hot Tub To Electrical Source

Hot tub installation usually requires specialized moving equipment and at least two experienced technicians. In most cases, a crane is not required but this service is also available through any Arctic Spas dealership. Electrical installations (wiring a hot tub) must

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Build Your Own Hot Tub

Build Your Own DIY Hot Tub – with our help We have dozens of hot tubs for sale in a very wide range of prices. However, if you have decided to build your own homemade hot tub, we also have

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Fall into Savings!

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Hot Tub Trends – Fall 2015

(SEPTEMBER 2015) – There is no better place to unwind and spend some time with friends and family than in a hot tub. With the fall soon here, it’s the perfect time to relax the body and mind with a

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Dragster Racing with Jeff Evans MOPAR – Nitrojam Rocky Mountain Nationals at Castrol Raceway


Jeff Evans and the Arctic Spas® Top Dragster team have made their way from Spokane, WA up to Edmonton to compete at the MOPAR NitroJam Rocky Mountain Nationals this weekend at Castrol Raceway. Jeff graciously came by our Thorsby factory,

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Want More Customers? Take The High Road

choppers are cool

Arne Henning Lothe owns one of the most profitable Arctic Spas hot tub dealerships in the world. His company, Arctic Spas Massasjebad, is located in Rogaland near Sandnes in Norway. This is how he takes care of business: From: Arne

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Spa Boy Introductory Pricing!

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Staycation Ideas

hot tub staycation

Have you every sat in a hot tub after a long day of skiing or snowboarding? Some people think that is the best part of the vacation, possibly even the main point. Consider bringing that experience to the privacy and

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